Welcome! Getting Started

Chances are, if you are visiting this website you are looking for institutional data about UMKC. Our goal is to provide you with the data and information you are seeking in the most accurate, efficient manner possible.

There are three main ways to obtain data and information about the university from our office:

  • Static Reports. Our office generates multiple static reports on an annual or semi-annual basis. These reports include enrollment summaries, survey results, Common Data Sets, etc. You can find all of these reports under the Report Archive.
  • Interactive Data. We have two interactive tools that allow UMKC faculty and staff to drill down into UMKC data. The first tool is the rooManage. This tools enables you to track your current progress to a variety of institutional and state goals, including improving retention rates, enrollment headcounts, etc. The second tool is rooPlan. This tool enables you to view historical data in a graphical format. It contains semester-to-semester comparisons, trend rates, and other useful information to help support your decision making process.
  • Request Tools. If the data you are seeking is not available in our static reports or one of the interactive tools, UMKC faculty and staff can request data from the Data and Software Applications Services via the Request Data tool. This tool will ask you to identify the specific information you need, the purpose of gathering the information, and the date by which you need the data. Most requests are able to be handled within 5 to 10 business days depending on the size of the request.