In an effort to assist the UMKC campus with data-driven decision making, the Data and Software Applications Services provides the UMKC Dashboard which encompasses information from a variety of topics. As users have a variety of needs for their purposes, we have grouped the data provided into two areas.

If prompted for a username and password, please enter your full username such as or UMKC-USERS/caseyroo.

A collection of charts and graphs showing the historical progress of many academic, enrollment, financial, and alumni-related activites. Charts are based upon official, static datasets compiled from a variety of designated sources.

Ideal For:
  • Historical Analysis
  • Long-Range Planning
  • Official headcounts for reports or surveys
  • Goal Setting

A series of charts and widgets updated daily with information intended to assist managers and departments in managing activities important to them, such as enrollment management or retention management.

Ideal For:
  • Daily/Weekly management of activities
  • Performance Management
  • Progress to Goals